We are proud to present ONO Lean Logistics, a truly revolutionary solution in the field of warehouse logistics. The modules are intended for the industry of the future as Industry 4.0 native, automatic, modular, connected, expandable and totally customizable.

The concepts of lean thinking make ONO Systems the new market reference also for assembly lines and production plants.

But why choose the ONO Lean Logistics systems?

Time Saving

traditional storage systems take longer, as users need to travel long distances to retrieve or deposit the material. "The material to the operator" is the motto of ONO Logistics instead of  "the material to operator" typical of traditional storage systems. Thanks to ONO, the user reduces to a minimum the necessary movements to search and recover the goods, which is managed and delivered directly through the loading / unloading bay. By effectively eliminating manual displacements, not only time is reduced, but also the risk of errors and damage to goods.

Space Saving

Traditional warehouses require a very large area on the ground and the shelving arranged along long corridors occupy an extended area of ​​the shed. With the automatic, vertical and expandable warehouses of ONO Lean Logistics it is possible to considerably reduce the occupied surface, exploiting the extension in height and thus freeing part of the shed for other uses. Thanks to their compact design the ONO Neural Logistic systems offer maximum storage capacity, effectively eliminating the waste of space and making it easy and quick to load and unload the material through the bay, completely customizable.

Protection of goods and controlled access

ONO modules protect all parts against dirt, damage and unauthorized access. The ONO modules are like a safe for your goods, because access to pick up products (even for specific ones only) can be reserved and limited only to a limited number of operators. This means drastically reducing the number of items stolen or lost. The system also protects objects stored from dust and damage. Access can be monitored via intelligent access systems such as fingerprints, barcode reader, RFID and more.


By networking the intelligent microprocessors that control the operation of the ONO warehouse and offering self-learning software solutions, ONO manages to create a perfect logistics system tailored to your needs,  that adapts and improves over time.

Maximum modularity and flexibility

By adopting the ONO modules it is possible to expand or modify the storage capacity at any time, without problems or limits, adapting perfectly to the available space and allowing to exploit also normally unused warehouse areas for storage. The modules can also be combined to extend over several floors and the entire warehouse expanded step by step later to meet the growing needs of the company.

Customization... with style!

Not just stock! With the ONO Lean Logistics warehouses, you can customize the outer covering, choosing the material, the design aligned with your style, preferences or sector.

Native 4.0

The ONO modules are designed for the industry of the future as they are native to Industry 4.0. It is possible to connect our automatic archiving system with the client's corporate ERP software to have complete control over daily production operations with real-time inventory availability. From purchases to the production department, from maintenance to the logistics department: the customer will discover the advantages of being able to manage production without delay, always keeping everything under control.