Running out of storage space?
ONO Lean Logistics has the solution for you!

In the lifecycle of a company, there often comes a time when, thanks to the efforts made to ensure its growth, the available spaces begin to be insufficient to accommodate the new volumes of work required.

The entrepreneur is actually faced with a dilemma: do I move to a larger warehouse or can I optimize the space available?



Move your warehouse outdoors and free up space!

ONO Lean Logistics Modular Vertical Warehouses not only integrate perfectly into the company's internal production and storage processes but are also perfect for outdoor installation.

In this way, ONO's technology and proprietary patents will allow you to obtain truly unique benefits:

1. Zero internal space subtraction: use it for productive activities
By increasing your production but keeping the same building, you'll achieve two results: your revenues will increase, while the fixed rental costs will remain the same as before.
Move storage outdoors, keep producing more indoors!

2. Zero height limitations: reach maximum storage volume possible
If the usable height inside your building is limited, installing your ONO Vertical Warehouse outdoors is the right choice for you.
You'll be able to maximize the benefits of the technology: the higher you go, the more you save!

3. Servicing multiple floors of the same building: avoid drilling through the floor slab
Do you need to connect multiple floors of your building? You can avoid costly construction work that would slow down your progress: by installing your ONO Warehouse outdoors
, you can achieve the same result without drilling through the ceiling!

4. Take advantage of ONO's modularity: the number of bays (and therefore the number of access points to the system) is always tailored to your needs
Only ONO Modular Systems can save you from opening unnecessary wall openings: the number of bays is always proportional to what you really need!
For example, if you need three ONO Modules to achieve your storage goal, these, being interconnected, can have a single bay: you will then have a single opening in the wall instead of three!

5. The right angle in the right place: use all angles of the building thanks to ONO's flexible systems
The right angle in the right place: use all angles of the building thanks to ONO's flexible systems
Right angles? No problem: the internal movement systems allow the ONO structure to take on any shape and reach any angle. The same ONO system composed of multiple Modules will move a drawer from one bay to another, reaching different angles of the same building:
100% flexible and omnidirectional movements.

Want to outsource part of your stock to reclaim space but still want to maintain continuity in stocks indoors?

ONO Lean Logistics Modular Warehouse Systems are the only solution to your needs.


With ONO Lean Logistics, you can have a unique, flexible, and integrated storage system with a dual function:

1. External Modules can store goods and act as a buffer;

2. Internal Modules can serve your production processes: in addition to storing goods, they can transport them, providing you with what you need, exactly where and when it's needed, in the right quantities, without unnecessary personnel movements.

Remember: ONO Modules, both internal and external, can be expanded at any time by seamlessly connecting to those already present! #trulymodular