SPS Sustainability Awards 2023 Winners

The Sustainability Award is the prize given during the SPS Italia fair, a significant recognition dedicated to the best technology that focuses on the development of projects characterized by highly sustainable automation.


Sps award winner

ONO Lean Logistics and ONO Exponential Farming, with the indispensable contribution of Mitsubishi Electric Europe, jointly win all three SPS Sustainability Awards 2023 for the best application of automation oriented towards sustainability and efficiency in a green key.

Sps Award gente 2023
Sps Award premiazione 2023
Sps Award ono 2023

A special thanks to Mitsubishi Electric Europe for their constant support in all our projects and the tireless commitment of the entire ONO team that has led to the achievement of this additional important milestone!

Sps Award premiazione 2023
Sps Award ono 2023
Sps Award premiazione 2023

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