The right bays... how many do you want, when you want them, and where you want them!

ONO Modules are #trulymodular, not only for their 100% flexible layout and structure, but also regarding the quantity, position and punctuality of bay installation.

What benefits does the total modularity of bays in ONO Modules bring?

This unique feature of ONO Lean Logistics systems opens the door to countless advantages for customers.

In ONO Modules, bays will always be:

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1. AS MANY AS YOU WANT: MOVING AWAY FROM THE 1 MODULE = 1 BAY PARADIGMThanks to patented internal translation systems, the bays in ONO installations can be tailored to the actual need, thus ensuring significant savings in allocation volume and the number of dedicated operators. Considering, for example, a standalone 4-machine installation, ONO technology allows achieving the same storage capacity with only 3 Modules and 1 bay, thus saving up to 25% of floor space.

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2. WHERE YOU WANT THEM: LOGISTICS FLOW HAS NEVER BEEN SO ORDERLYThe logistical benefit is evident: with ONO, bays can be positioned near points of service, storage, and picking, avoiding unnecessary movements of operators. This reduces the presence and movement of numerous operators involved in depositing and retrieving items, directing the flow of goods, and streamlining operations. This is the true #goodstopeople!

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3. WHEN YOU WANT THEM: YOU CHOOSE, IF AND WHENOur bays are real kits, installable and repositionable even at a later time. An installation initially configured with a single access bay can be expanded over time by adding bays or moving the existing one to the most appropriate point based on changing business needs. Similarly, if necessary, the number of bays can always be reduced, effectively reclaiming useful storage space. Punctual installation and zero risk of dispersion in all directions are just some of the cornerstones of ONO Lean Logistics' flexible systems.

Implement and configure your installation as and when you want.