Do you want a warehouse that constantly interacts with production? ONO is the solution!

By designing the layout of your ONO system, you can create a production backbone tailored to the spaces and needs of your production department. ONO Lean Logistics is not just a vertical warehouse but a system that, in addition to storage, ensures the ability to integrate into your company and constantly communicate with the production process, simplifying its processes.


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From vertical warehouses to intelligent production servers

Some call them supermarkets, some call them production backbones.
We use the word "Server" because our storage system is intelligent and enables multiple Modules to communicate with each other as if it were a single system. Using dedicated software, ONO can assign a change of state to each reference and accurately identify it at the stage it represents when it is picked or deposited. This way, you will always know the status of your production and can monitor times and progress of the production process.
Moreover, warehouse workers or operators no longer need to worry about where to store the pieces they are working on, nor do they have to cover hundreds of meters to find the right location: ONO will take care of both cases

What concrete benefits will you get by choosing an ONO production server?

With ONO, you will have:

• Continuous tracking of each individual component, managed through its transformations from semi-finished to finished product, from individual to assembled

• Uninterrupted communication between departments through a dynamic and intelligent flexible storage system

• Rational distribution of goods managed through dedicated algorithms

• Greater control over the progress of production, resulting in waste reduction and production efficiency

• Immediate availability of components