100% user-friendly interface

ONO Lean Logistics Modular Modules are native 4.0, and total ICT openness is common to all software developed by the ONO Lean Logistics team. This also applies to ONO UI, highly customizable onboard machine interface software that is truly user-oriented.



ONO UI is installed on a full HD industrial touch monitor (22") with integrated computer, maintenance-free, and usable even with work gloves on.

How much does it cost a company to train operators to use new software and interfaces?

ONO UI is truly software for everyone, designed and developed to simplify training and usage for all operators, reducing the risk of errors during loading/unloading operations. In just a few minutes, once the main features are explained, operators will be able to work independently, without long hours of training. With ONO, we leap into the present, looking to the future: we say no to complicated, "rigid" software by nature, hosted on small interfaces that have not been updated over the years.

ONO UI works like a real search engine; specific skills are no longer necessary. Just type, for example, the name of the item to be picked, and the software will propose all the solutions related to the current request: 100% intuitive!

The human mind works with images, not codes!

Thanks to the large 22" monitor, we have introduced image-based warehouse component management (2D and 3D): with a glance, it will be easy and immediate for the operator to recognize the piece to be picked!

The ONO UI software virtually and visually represents the composition of each individual drawer stored inside the modules. Even if the drawer is not physically present in the bay, it is possible to preview the contents of the drawers, know the exact position of the components, quantities, etc.

ONO UI functions

The software license includes:

• the capacity to manage the single ONO Module or a series of them connected or disconnected from each other but managed by the same ONO Server

• the possibility to edit master data of references

• visualization of drawer contents (real with camera option) or virtual

• destination of drawer outputs or requested codes in specific bays

• management of pick lists and deposit lists

• assignment of metadata to each reference for targeted customization

• input and removal of material with input from the integrated digital keyboard in the screen or with barcode reading systems

• numerous other functions in continuous development

Moreover, depending on the activated plug-ins, specific functionalities are provided, connection to external databases, third-party applications, integrations with ERP, electronic Kanban, and company software: ONO Lean Logistics is the #trulymodular even for software!