Greater productivity thanks to the improved visual impact of work areas

ONO personalizzato

Imagine, in the production area, a warehouse capable of depicting a forest, a beach, a mountain, or any other relaxing or stimulating setting. Wouldn't that be a disruptive impact?

Too many companies underestimate the importance of improving the visual appearance in production areas because it is often perceived only as an unnecessary cost. However, it is increasingly clear to attentive managers that a visually impactful environment, studied and detailed:

    Positively influences productivity and employee well-being

    Contributes to motivating and inspiring

    Reduces the risk of unpleasant turnover (which translates into training costs)

    Strengthens corporate communication, the bond between staff and company values, their loyalty

Furthermore, it helps to positively impress partners, suppliers, and customers visiting the company, becoming a real business card that will surely remain in the memory of guests.

How can the company improve the visual appearance and what costs does it require?

Improving the visual impact is possible through the complete customization of the livery of the Modules: a further distinctive feature that sets ONO apart from traditional vertical warehouses. Moreover, the required investment is extremely low and will produce positive effects consistently over time.

Even the eye wants its share!

The possibility of customizing the livery makes each plant unique, and ensures that ONO Modules stand out clearly from every other traditional vertical warehouse. Transform ONO Modules into a true "furnishing element" capable of integrating into the work area and improving its quality.

Below are some examples of how external paneling can be customized.